Become a Ref

Become a Referee

The National Rugby League aims to establish and maintain the highest standards of competence for Rugby League Referees through appropriate education, training and support.  You can become a Referee by completing the Level 1 Referees course.

Level 1 Referee

  • Minimum Age:  13 years
  • Qualification Prerequisite:  Nil
  • Involvement (What age groups can you referee?):  Referee 6-12 years only. Referees between 13-18 years may referee two years below their age
  • Reaccreditation Period: 4 years
  • Course Time:  approximately 2-3 hours
  • Course Cost: $30 (refunded after completion of your first year)
  • Next Souths Referees Course: TBA

The Level 1 Referee course is an entry level course consisting of 3 components:

  • Face to face modules (overview of the above modules)
  • Practical Assessment ( 3 on-field assessments)

Upon completion of the face-to-face component of the course, the candidate will qualify as a ‘Foundation 1 Referee) which enables them to referee the relevant age groups. During this time the candidate is required to undergo practical assessments.

Referee Development and Mentorship

Development of our referees is ongoing. As part of this process, weekly skills and fitness sessions are held at Snape Oval, Kingsford on Tuesday nights during the season, except on the Tuesdays that our meetings are held.

The Association covers the cost of your training, should you go on to referee for the remainder of the year. Joining the Association will cost you $150 annually. This $150 membership fee and social levy can be deducted from your end-of-season match payments and provides you with a number of social activities throughout the year.

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