PART A: Constitution and Standing Order
PART B: Officers and Committees of the Association
PART C: Code of Conduct

What is the Constitution?

A constitution is a written document that defines an organisation and its membership and establishes agreed rules and principles that allow that organisation to be governed. Our Constitution defines the name and membership of the Association and our affiliation with the NSWRL Referees’ Association.

It defines the composition and roles of the Executive Committee and makes rules for the conduct of meetings and elections. Our Constitution is made law by the NSW Associations Incorporations Act 1984.

Constitutional Review

In 2007, the Executive Committee established a Constitution Committee to conduct a Review of the Constitution and to report on changes necessary to meet our obligations under the Associations Incorporations Act. The Committee comprised Steve Nash, John Restuccia and Kevin Rafferty.

The Executive Committee, having accepted the need to change the Constitution, proposed to members that they accept the proposed Constitution which was presented at a Special Meeting of the Association on Tuesday 25th March 2008.

The Committee concluded that the former Constitution was out of date and no longer complied with State laws. The former Constitution was adopted on 8th December 1992 and later revised on 21st March 1995.

The Constitution Committee made a number of recommendations that would rescind (withdraw) the old Constitution and replace it with the new Constitution.