Step 1

In the event of sending a player off, notify the Secretary ASAP preferably by email at info@southsreferees.com.au or a phone call (a text is acceptable) on the first availabile opportunity after your last game.

Step 2

Complete and sign the Referee Dismissal Form:
• This sheet is available from the ground manager and is completed and signed in triplicate;
• Referee is to retain the white top copy;
• The sheet should include the exact charge which is taken from Section 15 (1) of the NRL Laws of the Game.

Step 3

Complete the Referee/Touch Judge Report, relevant to the grade of the player.
• If you have never completed one before, click on Rafftery’s Rules for tips on how to write your statement. Properly completed statements improve the chances of conviction.
• If the dismissal resulted from a touch judges report, they too should fill out one of these reports.

Rafferty’s Rules

Rafferty’s Judiciary Rules

Conference Competitions (U13’s-U19’s)

Complete the online form.

South Sydney Junior League Competitions (Junior League, A Reserves & A Grade)

SSJ Incident Report

Step 4

For South Sydney games, save the SSJ Incident Report form in your documents and then email it to the Secretary at info@southsreferees.com.au by midday on the Monday. Advise the Secretary of your availability to attend Judiciary on the Wednesday night or a contact number for them to reach you on.